Your Partner at the Intersection of Upscale and Under-Budget

When a catered event calls for something special, Table Mate provides products that perform and pass the eye test.

Form meets function with Table Mate’s upscale disposables.

Table Mate’s upscale catering supplies are perfect for events where glass or china dishes and serving ware are impractical or prohibited.  These disposable plates, disposable china plates, plastic champagne flutes, and plastic wine glasses are efficient, yet elegant, providing a detail your clients’ guests won’t soon forget.  It’s the little things that put your catered affair a cut above the rest.  And at Table Mate, no option is off the table.

Why should your restaurant offer catering?

  1. Reduce the time and worry customers put into planning an event
  2. Increase revenues and profits
  3. Boost your restaurant’s brand awareness, and give more people the opportunity to try your food


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