Take Catering Supply Needs Off Your Plate with Table Mate

Enough goes into catering a size-able gathering at a home, office or elsewhere without worrying what the guests will use to eat and drink. Table Mate specializes in a host of casual catering supplies for caterers, restaurants, and food service distributors ideal for graduation celebrations, office parties, and holiday festivities.   Wire chafing racks, foil pans, chafing rack fuel, serving bowls & trays, and a large variety of serving utensils to suit any business’ size from the individual caterer to national restaurant chains. We facilitate so you can focus on turning clients into repeat customers.  At Table Mate, no option is off the table.


Why should your restaurant offer catering?

  1. Reduce the time and worry customers put into planning an event
  2. Increase revenues and profits
  3. Boost your restaurant’s brand awareness, and give more people the opportunity to try your food


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