Just in time for summer, these glasses will sizzle at any outdoor event.  The unbreakable mugs, jars and stemless glasses are durable enough for reuse.  Help your customers be on trend for weddings, July 4th festivities, corporate picnics or any outdoor event.

The popular Moscow Mule was born circa 1941 and is traditionally served in a copper mug.  The 16-ounce mug gives the traditional look at a cost-effective price point.  Create a summer version of the cocktail using seasonal fruits like blueberries or watermelon.  A purist?  No problem.  The traditional ginger and lime is just as refreshing on a hot summer day.  Easily made into non-alcoholic versions, Moscow Mules served in these reusable and shatter-proof mugs are sure to please all guests.

First invented by the European glassmaker family, Riedel, stemless glasses are all the rage on the wine scene.  But don’t limit these durable glasses to just vino!  Perfect for any drink—with or without bubbles—these glasses provide the look of glass without the risk of breakage.  The 16-ounce glass’ sleek design adds a contemporary touch to casual or elegant events.

The versatile Mason jar is not just for canning anymore.  Just visit Pinterest for proof on the endless drink ideas in this timeless vessel.  Choose the large Mason jar lid with a hole and add your favorite paper straw for spill-proof sipping.  Opt for the full lid to hold contents inside and the options for use become endless.  Outdoor salads, desserts, sides and more can be stored, served or taken on the go!

No option is off the table with these trending drinkware options.  Contact us today for more information.