Creating an environment which promotes the health and well-being of our employees is important to Table Mate Products. We strive to develop and support healthier lifestyles through our corporate Health and Wellness program.

Employees have a choice of various individual and team activities to participate in and earn Wellness Reward Points for each activity they complete.  The points are redeemable for various rewards such as Table Mate/RADCO apparel, paid-time off, gift cards and even an overnight getaway.

We are proud of the 14 employees who participated in the 2018 Spring Jump Start Weight Loss initiative.  Collectively, they lost over 56 pounds during the six-week event. A robust body of research points to the benefits of weight loss.  Even a 5-10% loss of one’s body weight can improve obesity-related diseases like high cholesterol, hypertension and diabetes.

Another highly-anticipated activity is the annual Bellin Run.  The 10K (6.2 mile) race is held in Green Bay, Wisc. near the race’s founding organization, Bellin Memorial Hospital.  First held in 1977, the run was intended to be a one-time event to promote heart and cardiovascular health. More than 40 years later, it continues to draw runners and walkers of all participation levels and has become one of the top 10 largest timed 10K races in the nation.  

Table Mate/RADCO has participated in the Bellin Run’s Bellin Corporate Challenge the past six years. The Bellin Corporate Challenge program “allows local corporations to compete in a participative and competitive basis while promoting fitness and corporate camaraderie.”

Other activities employees can participate in include an annual physical health assessment, activity challenge, company 5K walk and healthy cookout, obstacle course challenge, step challenge and wellness/preventative check-ups.  This year, RADCO, the manufacturing division of Table Mate, will host the first Company Sunday Fun Day. The event will include a six-mile whitewater rafting trip followed by a company lunch.

Companies small and large offer workplace health and wellness programs that vary in supports and services. sited research that shows “promoting healthy habits to employees…is an effective way to benefit both employer and employee.”  Benefits include lower health costs incurred by employees, increased employee productivity, healthier employees and long-lasting healthy behavior changes.  

At Table Mate/RADCO, our Health and Wellness program helps us achieve a greater physical, social, emotional and environmental connection between employees and the community.